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Our Project Process

We aim to make every aspect of developing your outdoor space as painless as possible. That’s why we have outlined below exactly what you can expect when choosing Chevalier Outdoor Living for your design and installation project. Click through the tabs below and follow our process step by step.

An appointment will be set up to meet with the decision-maker(s). This appointment will take approximately one-two hours. At this time the questions on the pre-consultation interview form and any others that may arise will be discussed to ascertain what your expectations are. At the end of the consultation, a budget will be discussed for the overall project. A current copy of your property survey will be beneficial to have at this time.

lf you agree to move forward to the design phase, we will return to take measurements and pictures to use in the creation of the design. You will not need to be home for this step unless there is a locked gate to which we will need access. We will create a design and scale drawing based upon the information provided, as well as the measurements and assessment of your property. Once the design is completed, an estimate will be prepared. We will then contact you to schedule a meeting to present our completed proposal.

All of those involved with the decision-making process should be available for the presentation of the proposed project. During this visit the design will be shown, explained and with permission marked on your lawn (as needed) to help you visualize the scope of the work. A written estimate will be submitted and discussed. At the conclusion of the presentation any changes to the design, phasing options, payment schedule and timeframes will be addressed. If additional designing or financial figures are needed, they will be addressed and follow-up calls, faxes or meetings will occur. When the design is satisfactory, a contract will be signed, a deposit taken and an estimated start time will be given.

The second payment, as agreed upon in the contract, is due the day work begins. At this time, the project will have been laid out, materials ordered, and the crew will begin work.

The length of the project depends on the scope of the project and weather conditions, but a general time frame will be given when the contract is signed. During this time please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have or address any concerns that may arise with your designer or the foreman on the project. We aim to make these transitions as seamless as possible.

When the project is completed, your designer and/or the foreman will walk through the completed project with you to answer any questions you may have. Watering and maintenance needs will be addressed then. Also, at this time, the balance of the contract is due and will be received by your designer or the foreman.

After the project is completed, a follow-up visit will be scheduled to take care of any questions or concerns that you may have.

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