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Hardscape Tune-up

Resurfacing, Refurbishing, Maintenance & Repair

This property has hardscapes made from a variety of materials including pavers, stamped concrete and natural stone. Each surface was in need of its own tune up. We started out by cleaning it all. There was a crack in the natural stone wall that we repaired. The paver approach had become uneven, so we leveled where needed, filled in with poly-sand and applied a sealer. An upper level patio was in need of new steps, additionally it did not match the surrounding stamped concrete patios. New concrete steps were installed and the upper level patio was resurfaced with a stamped and colored concrete surface to give the entire hardscape a unified look. The remaining patios color had been fading with age so we colored and sealed to make them look as good as new!

Stay tuned to see the progress in the garden beds of this same property!

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