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Driveway Extension and Hardscape Renovation

When hard surfaces begin to show their age, all is not lost, and an entire redo is not always the answer. This project had several types of hard surfaces that just needed a little maintenance. The more substantial part of this project was an extension of the driveway and retaining wall. This project began by removing a section of the existing retaining wall and excavating the area where the driveway was to be extended. Next, proper drainage was installed and the new concrete was poured, stamped, carved and then colored. This concrete wall was designed and colored to match existing rocks in the area. After the new driveway section was installed the focus turned to the renovation. The driveway, the brick retaining wall and the paver patio & walkways were all thoroughly powerwashed. All the problematic areas where the pavers had shifted or sank, were reset, and the entire paver area was filled in with polysand to bond the pavers together. Finally both old and new were coated and sealed for protection and longevity.

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