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Concrete Repair, Sidewalk Installation & Landscape Design

The concrete of the main entrance to this pediatrician’s office was in need of some revamping. The stairs and walk were aging, starting to crack in some areas and was not entirely suitable for this pediatrician’s daily operations. Because the stairway and landing were sound it was only necessary to repair a few problematic areas. There were a couple of cracks on the landing and the bends of the stairs were beginning to ware. All of the areas were filled and smoothed to blend. The main walkway needed a complete renovation. It was not only cracking and difficult for the clientele to maneuver, it was aesthetically clunky too. After demolishing the entire walkway, we poured the concrete to have a more gradual approach, making it less of a climb for the many short legs that visit on a daily basis. A curved and flowing edge along the landscape enhances the overall appearance by leading your eye from the beautiful gardens to the building’s entrance. Additionally a tree in the main entrance was replaced with a red maple and a new landscape was installed to add color and seasonal interest to the new main entrance.

Check back for updated photos to see how this landscape fills in!

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