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Garden Escarpment with Structure and Outdoor Bar with Concrete Countertop

The homeowners had just purchased the property and had just installed a patio area and a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking their vast sloping landscape. They were looking to develop their space, yet at the same time wanted it to work with the surrounding characteristics of the escarpment. Also they wanted to incorporate an outdoor bar, a place to entertain where the patio was installed and hide some unsightly area where pool and electrical mechanics could be seen.

Our design was inspired to accentuate the drop off in grade just past where the pool was installed. We incorporated a retaining wall using carved concrete but making it look like natural stone outcropping. The main area was around the pool and two other smaller outcroppings were planned to balance and tie the entire landscape together. Landscaping was needed to hide an electrical box and to border the new patio. A large structure with natural stone pillars was built atop the patio open on all sides to incorporate the scenic woods as a backdrop. The outdoor bar and lounge area was was designed for a rustic feel. Built of rough lumber and matching natural stone facade, we designed a U-shape so that the host would be facing guests on all sides. The concrete countertop was colored to pick up the surrounding tones in the landscape.

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