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Pool Area Living Space

Our Clients were faced with what many people are faced with after the installation of a new inground pool, a pool with a mess of a landscape. Although these homeowners had a small patio off the back of their house they desired a space where they could lounge and relax around their new pool and with privacy. They also requested a space to gather for a fire pit and wanted landscaping that would tie it all together. Upon investigation of the property we found there were many things that needed to happen prior to installation. This landscape had major drainage issues and adding a pool and potentially patio space would worsen it still. This property not only needed a design for an outdoor space but a drainage plan as well.

The new design incorporated replacing the rectangular patio with an extension around the pool in free-flowing shapes to compliment the curves of the kidney shape pool. A small walkway would connect to the driveway and a large extension would include area for a fire pit bordered by a concrete rock wall for seating. Beyond the patio area, organic-shaped garden beds will be placed around the space to continue curved pathways through the lawn area.

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