Summer may have just ended, but there is still work to be done in that garden. Our landscapes are ever-growing and changing, making this the perfect time of year to assess the plan of your landscape and to make any major changes.

Now’s the time to transplant and relocate things; like that bush that got a little bigger than you had expected. Most times when moving plant material from one spot to another or installing from a container will result in some degree of shock. Shock is caused by the plant’s need for water and the root’s temporarily modified ability to provide it. This can cause plants to become unsightly with little or stressed foliage and its weakened state may prohibit it from flowering. If transplanting in the spring, this could be the fact the entire season. Because most plants need less water in the cool and moist downturn of the season, transplanting at that time is the best chance for a rapid recovery. The more opportunity the roots have to get a stronghold the better survival rate of your transplant. Late summer/fall transplanting gives the plant time to build up nutrients to come back full strength the next spring. Plant mums now for fall color, but don’t forget about spring! These days are the optimal time to plant bulbs and divide up perennials too!