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We believe in building relationships, inspiring creativity & expression, showing love & respect to both materials & the people we work with. We just so happen to build and maintain amazing outdoor living spaces allowing us to reconnect with nature and each other.

Established in 1992

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This is OUR Story…

Chevalier has seen many different faces over the years- employees, customers and even Chevalier’s identity itself. Each face has been an opportunity of learning and experience and has been conducive to how we’ve grown as a company. Chevalier may be ever evolving but our values have and will remain the same as the very first day Mike Frank established Chevalier Lawn and Landscape in 1992. Two questions we’ve had time and time again; How do you say your name? And, what does Chevalier mean? Well for those of you who haven’t asked, Chevalier (sh-‘val-yā) is a French horseman, a member of nobility similar to an English knight with the conduct of various orders of knighthood, chivalry or of merit. With choosing this figure to represent the company we adopted the attributes and beliefs as well. It was a knights duty and code of conduct to be in service for a king and queen, which posed as the standard we wanted to follow for our business.

Striving for Excellence

Over the years as we became more established we began to expand our skill base to offer a wider variety of services. Chevalier dedicated itself to learning the newest technologies in cementitious materials and their applications. The nature of these materials allowed us freedom in our designs and allowed us to  better serve our client base by offering more options and creative customized solutions.

Embracing Outdoor Living

In 2007 Chevalier was faced with one of the toughest challenges when our 15 year-old company, well established in Boston, NY, was forced to find a new home in addition to facing one of the worst economic crises in the last century. Chevalier’s move to Springville, although sudden, was a turning point for the identity and success of our business. The demand for outdoor areas became increasingly important to our clients, and in our new home we had the room to grow to become a full service provider. With each project came the realization- we found our calling! We became so passionate about creating personalized outdoor spaces for our clients, in 2009 we embraced the identity for which we are known today, Chevalier Outdoor Living.

Continuing the Momentum

Just after our 25 Year Anniversary it became apparent we had accumulated quite a bit of equipment and had outgrown our main shop area. In 2017 Chevalier took that next big step in being becoming more efficient and organized. We expanded our operations into 2 new shops and storage area. 

Our Commitment

In our dedication to provide the highest quality service for our customers, Chevalier Outdoor Living consistently invests in our team, education, equipment, and facility and will continue to do so. Outdoor Living is our passion, our legacy, our story. 

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